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By HMKT, 12 september 2023

Top 5 questions a Diecast collector should know

For almost a century, Diecast fanatics grow in numbers and so is the item production from multiple manufacturers. In this blog, we will be sharing our opinions about the top-5 questions made online about Diecast.


1. Are Diecast cars collection a good investment?

Over time, the value of certain Diecast model cars increases due to its exclusivity, age, rarity, and condition. These factors affect the prices of each item. Presently, some collectors are looking for specific vintage models to add to their collections and are willing to pay thousands for each. Just like the 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane No. 30 which was bought in a garage sale for €10 back in the 1980s and was sold for €13,000 after a couple of years and made it to the top 10 most expensive model cars. So is it a good investment? If you have the cash and you are happy with it, then I would say yes. Besides, it's very satisfying if you have most or if not some of those Limited Editions right?


2. What is the most expensive Diecast?

Lamborghini Aventador Gold is the most expensive Diecast ever noted. However, we completed here the list of top 10 according to Luxatic. 

10. Matchbox 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane No. 30 - €13,000

  9. Beatnik Bandit Hot Wheels - €15,000

  8. Ferrari 250 GTO - €18,000

  7. Dinky Pre-war No.22D Delivery Van ‘W.E. Boyce’ - €22,000

  6. Tomica Z432 Datsun - €80,000

  5. Volkswagen Beach Bomb - €125,000

  4. 40th-anniversary Hot Wheels - €140,000

  3. Bugatti Veyron

  2. Lamborghini Aventador - €6 million

  1. Lamborghini Aventador Gold - €7.5 million


Who would have thought that big money can be found in small cars?


3. What is the best Diecast Brand?

There are many well-know Diecast Manufacturers worldwide. Each company with various specializations like scales, models, or the quality of details but few stand out when it comes to 1:18 scales according to MTC.

  1. Sun Star – They focus on details and classic cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

  2. Norev – High-quality Diecast manufacturer of classic European cars.

  3. Autoart - Perfect for sports model car collection.

  4. ACME - They are known for producing intricately detailed models from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

  5. GT Spirit - They produce resin made models.

  6. GMP - They have some of the most unique features and Limited selection.


4. What is the most popular scale for Diecast?

1:43 scale is popular in Europe, Asia, and the US. French Dinky Toys No. 24R is known to be the first 1:43 scale model car made in 1951. France and the United Kingdom are the first to manufacture them but most of the models now are made in China.

More information about scales can be found here.


5. How do I start a Diecast collection?

Choosing your first Diecast collection is all about your taste or preference. You can ask yourself, What is your fancied scale or model car size and what brand enticed you the most? Eventually, you can explore different stores. They might have interesting offers.


If you wish to know more about the Diecast model car, you can refer here


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